I have worked with Keri over the last year and have enjoyed every moment with her. I am struck by her ability to hold space for whatever is arising in me and the level of safety I feel with her which I felt from the first time we met.. I learn so much about myself in our time together and through that I have felt held, seen and heard. It takes a lot for me to trust and Keri makes that effortless. I feel safe when I am with her and I know she is deeply listening which has me feeling soothed just by being with her. The trust I feel with her is remarkable. I have grown immensely through our sessions and I think I am a better partner in my relationship because of all that I have learned from her. Keri challenges me in a way that has me taking responsibility for myself with what I want and what I need without apologizing for anything. I get to be me when I’m with her and I have learned how to accept all of myself in relationship to others with her help. I highly recommend her!

Karen C. Washington

Keri is an amazing coach with an ability to get right to the heart of an issue and compassionately challenge and inspire. She can handle really heavy issues and maintain a sense of strong support.

Jenny C. NY

I feel really safe with Keri even when we are exploring territory that is uncomfortable for me. Her